Mage so you can conjure up dat water for your thirsty ass followers. #shotsfired


20.Aug.14 6 hours ago
assassin or paladin.

Omg the consistency here

19.Aug.14 14 hours ago

Is it cause I’d bubble hearth

19.Aug.14 14 hours ago

Whyyy thoooo

19.Aug.14 14 hours ago

What RPG class would you assign me?

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19.Aug.14 15 hours ago
19.Aug.14 15 hours ago

tbh im way too cute to have to deal with this

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19.Aug.14 15 hours ago


people who don’t like pizza are people who you don’t need in your life

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19.Aug.14 1 day ago
Wait. Just so I'm clear ... All of this is because you wrote a single sentence that said "Pepe Le Peu was hella rapey?" Wow. Just wow. Why are there so many people who need to do more with their lives than troll Tumblr looking for opportunities to be professional victims. I get them, too, and would feel sorry for them and their sad lives if they for once rose above Westboro tactics.

More tru tru

18.Aug.14 1 day ago
The real world doesn't have trigger warnings and I feel like this website is full of people who haven't actually experienced the things they so haphazardly fight for. People who have been raped can be triggered by more than simply using the word rape. They can be triggered by noises, smells, tastes, and touch. They learn not to be afraid of whats happened to them and not to let it destroy who they are because smells and sounds don't have warnings, you have to overcome the things that hurt.

The tru tru.

18.Aug.14 1 day ago